Dvorchak Enterprises, LLC, UV+EB and Polyurethane Technology Consultantunnamed
Over 40 years of experience in helping coating suppliers with issues as they relate to 100 % solids UV Systems, 1K & 2K dual cure UV systems, UV Polyurethane Dispersions, thick section UV cure elastomers, 1K, 2K 100% solids aliphatic and aromatic polyurethanes and 2K water based polyurethanes.

Specialize in Applications including
– 1K & 2K UV A pigmented automotive and aerospace systems

– 1K UV cure conformal coatings for the electronics market,
– 1K UV DTM coatings and 1K & 2K solvent based polyurethanes for the wood coatings industry
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About Mike
– 25 years experience with UV+EB

– Management positions with Bayer Material Science,  Allnex USA, INC.
– Authored over 24 peer reviewed publications
– 9 US and international patents
– Instructor in both the UV and polyurethane courses for ACS and CalPOLY
– Developed and implemented a leading edge APP for the iPads for use by coatings sales, technical and marketing disciplines.
– Awards include:  Presidential Green Chemistry along with other colleagues in 2000 for the development of ultra-low VOC and VHAPS 2 K Water Based Polyurethanes for the wood coatings market
– Retired USAF Reserves with over 39 years of experience specializing in military intelligence and doing multiple deployments globally
– Married to his wife Ruth Ann and has four children and four grandchildren

Veteran owned Company 

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Phone: 412-996-5225